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        Xcient | Trucks | Hyundai Philippines

        Tags: xcient, trucks and buses, trucks, hyundai, hyundai philippines


        Infinite power and efficiency with humanity

        The culmination of advanced comfort, performance and durability

        3 Xcient trucks are parking on the ground side by side


        Experience more comfort and freedom as you drive with the XCIENT cab's higher full height (STD : 3,230mm, HIGH: 3,650mm) and longer full length (2,340mm).

        Xcient dimensions


        silver Xcient driver's door widely

        X-tra space

        Get world-class comfort when getting on and off the vehicle, and stay worry-free as it takes care of your storage needs wherever you go.
        inside of truck's cockpit with wide beach view


        Thoughtful consideration to soothe driver's fatigue after long-hours of driving is reflected in the ergonomic layout of the cabin.
        front image of xcient tracktor

        Incredible design

        Adopting the aerodynamic style of XCIENT's innovative design with the inclination of the windshield, expansion of the front volume, and application of dynamic character lines.
        image of an engine


        Class-leading performance and optimized fuel efficiency Xcient is guaranteed for maximum practicability and efficiency.
        illustration of suspension and shock absorbers in the cab


        Integrated spring and shock absorber, enlarged shock absorber size generate lower vibration and better absorption of up/down pitching. Lateral shock absorber applied lower left & right vibration.
        several tires attached to a steel frame

        Trusted durability

        Xcient maintains structural durability under any road condition due to its robust design that extensively applied structured cab and high-tensile steel.