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        Elantra | Cars | Hyundai Philippines

        Tags: all new elantra, hyundai elantra, compact sedan


        Irresistible confidence

        The All New Elantra's bold presence radiates confidence with its wide stance and sophisticated profile.
        Side front view of blue Elantra in front and rear view of silver Elantra at the back
        Front view of blue Elantra on a sunny day

        Sporty & Luxurious

        Sleek headlamps combined with the expressive hexagonal grille create a premium look ready to leap forward.
        Rear view of blue Elantra on a sunny day

        Unique & Robust

        The All New Elantra boasts its new dynamic wheel arch design and refined proportions to stimulate your driving passion.
        iF DESIGN AWARD 2016
        iF DESIGN AWARD 2016
        Product under the Automobiles / Vehicles / Bikes category
        GOOD DESIGN™ AWARD 2015
        GOOD DESIGN™ AWARD 2015
        under Transportation 2015 category
        At Middle East Car of the Year 2016 (MECOTY) award
        Elantra won Best in Class
        at Middle East Car of the Year 2016 (MECOTY) award
        Full view of Elantra skeleton

        Enhanced chassis rigidity and strength

        Comprising more than 53% of advanced-high strength steel, the enhanced chassis rigidity is certain to deliver better handling, durability and performance.
        Aerodynamic graphic around the exterior of silver Elantra

        Aerodynamic design

        It’s a complete high-tech package design on a new level. With optimized technologies, its sporty chase structure is ideally designed to maximize stability and fuel-efficiency.


        Infographic of 1.6 MPi gasoline engine performance

        1.6 MPi gasoline engine

        1.6 MPi gasoline engine is capable of a maximum 128 ps at 6,300 rpm and 15.7 kg?m torque at 4,850 rpm.
        • Only available in select regions

        Ride & Handling

        Closer view of front and rear suspension

        Front & rear suspension

        Closer view of 6-speed automatic transmission

        6-speed automatic transmission

        Closer view of 6-speed manual transmission

        6-speed manual transmission

        6-speed manual transmission

        Experience smoother performance and a greater sense of speed with increased durability of Elantra's lightweight design and a new "Reverse" gear release button for easier operation.
        Full view of 6-speed manual transmission
        Front McPherson strut type suspension

        Front McPherson strut type suspension

        The optimized suspension design offers an enhanced steering response and better driving experience.
        Tubular beam

        Tubular beam (CTBA Rear)

        Riding comfort is upgraded by efficiently resetting the rear wheel area's spring and shock absorber.

        Safety Features

        Dual-airbag system simulated in the interior

        Dual-airbag system

        Equipped with a Dual Airbag system for added safety and peace of mind.


        Top view of white Elantra parking with assist system

        Rear Parking assist system (RPAS)

        With rear sensors and audible alert to help you park safely without the trouble of facing obstacles in the way, you can maneuver into tight parking spaces with greater comfort and ease.
        Engine start and stop button

        Engine start / stop button

        With the Smart key in your pocket, handbag or briefcase, all it takes to start the engine is a press of the engine start/stop button.
        Floor console

        Floor console

        Secure small items in the hidden storage compartment under the floor console and find extra driver comfort with the optional sliding armrest.