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        Super Aero City | Bus | Hyundai Philippines

        Tags: Hyundai Bus, Hyundai City Bus, Tourist Bus, mini-bus, Hyundai County

        Super Aero City

        The elegant journey begins here


        image of super aero city rear diagonal view
        New Hyundai Super Aero City provides whatever the customers want, with superb exterior. Enhanced ergonomic design of driver`s seat and instrument panel give you excellent experience of comfort as driving passenger car. From the city to the city, expanded wind shield area and vertical type MFR head lamps with newly designed fog lamps are not only helping safe driving bur also offering luxurious feeling.
        illustration of super aero city form and frame

        Rigidity and Reliability for Safety is the top priority of the New Super Aero City

        The New Super Aero City simply radiates a sense of solidness. Its occupant can be in no doubt whatsoever that they are in the safest of hands. Its secret : the truss type structure. So, centre frame is improved flexural and torsional rigidity than frame type structure. And the sturdy body, organized with one-piece type roof bows and enforced roof corner panel, provide extra stability and a wide range of safety factors - both active and passive - ensures the best possible protection for all occupants.

        1. Integrated Side Skid Rails Into One Piece and Window Pillar Size Up
        2. Simplified The Rear Frame
        3. Cant Rail Section Close Form
        4. Added 2 Beads To Corner Panel
        5. Integrated Roof Bows Into One Piece
        6. Enhanced The Flexural Rigidity and The Torsion Rigidity Rear Side Frame
        7. Square Tube Structure Of Centre Frame
        8. Improved The Rigidity Of Mid Door
        9. Raised The Height Of Out-trigger
        image of super aero city electrostatic immersion system

        Electro Static Immersion System

        HMC’s bus and truck factory is equipped with a large-capacity electrostatic priming tank which is capable of accommodating the entire bus body. Primers can now reach previously inaccessible areas to provide maximum corrosion protection for the life of the vehicle.
        image of super aero city deck assembly method

        Deck Assembly Method

        Other innovations include the introduction of the deck assembly method. The method attaches the entire body assembly to the chassis for greater precision, stiffness and strength.
        Choose a Trim
        bus super aero city : Item, Model, Super Aero City
        Super Aero City
        Drive Type LHD, 4X2
        Purpose City Intercity
        FloorType FLAT
        Door 2 2 1
        Seat Capacity 21+1/27+1/25+1 (CNG) 38 + 1 45 + 1


        bus super aero city : Dimensions(mm)
        Overall Length 10,955
        Overall Width 2,490
        Overall Height 2,985(A/con:3,175) 3,020(A/con:3,210)
        Wheel Base 5,400
        WheelTreadFront 2,010
        Rear 1,860
        OverhangFront 2,320
        Rear 3,235
        Body InsideLength 9,960 9,980
        Width 2,330
        Height 2,030 1,950
        Min.Ground Clearance 235

        Weight (kg)

        bus super aero city : Weight (kg)
        Seat Capacity 21 + 1 38 + 1 45 + 1
        Empty Vehicle Weight 10,400 10,585 10,505
        Max.Gross Vehicle Weight * 16,000 15,080 16,000
        Front 6,000 5,480 6,000
        Rear 10,000 9,600 10,000
        [note]Max. GVW includes the front & rear axle loads based on the permissible tire load.

        Calculated Performance

        bus super aero city : Calculated Performance
        Engine D6AV / D6AB-D / C6AC
        Max. Speed km/h 96,127,117/ 117,108
        Max. Gradeability tan 0.26,0.27, 0,30/0.31,0.35
        Min.Turning Radius m 8.9


        bus super aero city : Specifications
        EngineModel D6AV D6AB-D
        Number of Cylinder 6 in-line
        Max. Power/Torque (ps/kg-m) 220 / 75 280 / 110
        Battery 24V-150AH
        TransmissionModel M8S5 M10S5
        Type 5 forward and 1 reverse speed
        Rear Axle Ratio 4.875 3.909 / 3.545
        TireFront 10.00x20-14(16)PR / 11.0R22.5-16PR
        BrakeService Brake Full Air with dual circuit
        Parking Brake Spring loaded type parking brake on the rear wheels
        Exhaust Brake Air operated, butterfly valve type
        Suspension Semi-elliptic laminated leaf spring with stabilizer bar(front), shock absorber
        Fuel Tank 200 liter (300 liter: OPT)
        DoorFront(Driver) Two sections inward folding automatic type
        Middle One section sliding Automatic type
        Air Con (Option) kcal/h 25,000
        • 1.This vehicle specifications may differ per country and allow for producton tolerance.
        • 2.Curb vehicle weight includes weight of oil, fuel, coolant and spare tire carrier & bracket, spare tire but exclude standard tool set.
        • 3.Hyundai Motor Company reserve the right to make change in specifications, equipments and design or to discontinue models or options without notice at any time.

        Weight (kg) (CNG)

        Weight (kg) (CNG)
        Vehicle Complete built-up(available bare chassis)
        Seating Capacity 25+1
        Wheel Base(mm) 5,400
        OverallLength(mm) 10,955
        Width(mm) 2,490
        Height(mm) 2,985(A/con:3,175)

        Engine & Performance (CNG)

        Engine & Performance (CNG)
        EngineModel C6AB(TCI)
        Type Electronic Control, Dedicated Spark Ignition
        Displacement(cc) 11,149
        Max.Power(psZrpm) 290 /2,200
        Max.torque(kg.m/rpm) 110/1,400
        Maximum Speed(km/h) 108(Estimated)

        Fuel System (CNG)

        Fuel System (CNG)
        Fuel TankType NGV-
        Material Steel + FRP
        Volume(Liters) 813(932/1,051 : OPT)
        Working Pressure Not exceed 2,900 psi

        Chassis (CNG)

        Chassis (CNG)
        Transmission Type Manual, 5 forward 1 reverse
        Rear Axle Ratio 3,909
        Steering Hydraulic Power Assistant
        Brake Type Full Air with dual circuit
        Suspension Type Semi-Elliptic, Laminated Leaf Spring
        TireFront & Rear 11R22.5-16PR
        Axle CapacityFront(kg) 6,000
        Rear(kg) 10,000
        • Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.